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Removal service with 1 man and large luton van 700cu feet


Removal service with 2 men and large luton van 700cu feet


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Man and Van Service in Luton

Moving into a new house is an exciting experience. However, anxiety kicks in when you look around your current home and realise there’s a lot to pack. Hiring a removal company is a must, though it might be tempting to utilize only a van to cut costs. This move could prove to be more costly not just to your pockets, but to your peace of mind as well. Getting a man and van, though slightly pricier, will make moving manageable. When making the big move, Man and Van Luton services could be just what you need.

Helping with your move

With a man and van, you get the extra pair of hands to help with the move. You can have more time picking out the right boxes for your belongings. The process of packing also takes a shorter time, and depending on where you’re relocating to, moving can take just a day. When you get to the new home, you are at liberty to supervise what goes where instead of unpacking everything into one room and taking days to arrange things. If you have a lot of belongings to move, hiring a van with two or three men will make a move quicker. It takes them a short time to pack, load and offload the vehicle compared to the time it would take you to do the same.

Experienced movers

Raff Removals has experienced movers. We are better placed to pack your belongings because it’s what they are trained to do. Where you can, leave the wrapping and packaging to them. You can rest easy knowing that nothing will be broken or damaged during the move. They also can pack things in an orderly way so that everything fits into the van. The organizing will ensure that boxes won’t fall over or roll when on a particularly steep road.

man with van luton
man and van luton

We do the heavy part

The heavy lifting is best left to them- you don’t have to strain your back try to move a massive piece of furniture. Getting friends and family to help you can be fun, but the likelihood of something going wrong is higher than getting professionals to do the job. Not everyone knows how to dismantle and put back together all furniture. Doing this by yourself could quickly turn into a nightmare. Someone from our removals company will put together your furniture in the correct manner in a shorter amount of time.

Luton based Man and Van

The van driver is well-versed with Luton roads and can get you to your new house in the shortest time possible. They know what routes to take that have the least traffic. You can think of them as a trusted navigator. Offloading is faster with the extra set of hands. While you know best how to arrange your new home, you can ask the man and van service provider what the best approach is. They will be able to declutter your spaces and give your rooms a homely feel. When they leave, you’ll be thankful that you got the Man and Van Luton Removals Company service.