Moving an office in one day

Moving an office in one day

Moving an office in one day

Moving an office would be much more hectic than moving a house. The amount of work will depend on the size of the office whether it’s small or big. When it comes to moving whether it is a house or an office, planning is key. Office planning needs to be planned way ahead of time to successfully move in one day. Especially if you plan moving an office in one day.

Organising meetings for the office move by having regular meetings is very important. The office employees should be well notified so that they know what tasks they need to do. Office moving is much complicated than a house move because of the number of stuff needed to be moved.


After planning next comes the preparation, keeping in check which movers to hire for the job. Assigning tasks to few selected office employees would help the process much easier. The head of the office can assign each moving team members certain tasks as to in charge of packing, information on the new office space, movers and responsibility for important office files and documents.

Before moving to a new space, knowing the new office layout is important to avoid any future problems. Collecting as much information on the new office building is important. It will give a proper idea on which office stuff would go where and data in the workspace.

Labelling your boxes

It is best to label the boxes according to where it belongs and where it should be kept. Office files are always organized according to years so boxes can be labelled according to it. Packing is best to be done room by room wise. It’s done to avoid confusions while unpacking and reorganizing.

While preparing for moving, most office supervisors would have budgets determined for the move. Hence keeping in check and making an expenditure list will be obliging. Office equipment like computers, printers, and other breakable stuff will indeed need intensive care.

It is better to again label each employee packages according to their names or numbers as some office items may have confidential files too. Unimportant documents may be disposed to save space and time as well. In order to set up the new office, telephone installers and computer specialists may be required for setting up the new office.

Notify your clients

Another keynote is to notify important companies, clients, and customers of the move. Informing the customers and clients about the move firsthand is a good way to avoid confusion for them. The news may also be notified on the official web page. The address of the company also needs to be changed following up with banks, service providers, vendors and government agencies.

Communication is key in any office, therefore, installation of telephones should complete in advance. It makes sure that there would be no disruption with communication while moving in. It’s a good idea to carry the schedule as planned and working them out in meetings and discussions. Office moving schedules will depend on the size of the office; smaller office moving will be less intricate.

In any moving decision, planning is crucial and that it is something to be planned three to four months ahead. Maintaining a list of items and keeping check of the packages and selecting a day to move out by making reservations in advance will have no hindrance in moving an office in one day.

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