Office Removals Luton

Office Removals Luton

Shifting to a new office can be quite challenging. There are a lot more things and people to consider, with different departments requiring unique packaging solutions. With Raff Office Removals Luton that has a proven track record of excellence, the transition should be nearly flawless. The duration of the move will be quite short, and depending on the office size and location, in a day or two, the new office will be fully operational.

For a smooth and fast transition, you need to work off a checklist. One of the first things to do is notify your service providers and clients/customers about your change of address. Your collateral- website, letterheads, receipts- should reflect the same.

Free quote on your office move

Next, get a quote for the office removal. A person from our company will visit your premises and give a detailed onsite inventory survey for planning purposes. We will be able to outline the type of packaging required for the furniture, electronics, and other items. This inventory is crucial especially in the case of an IT company. The quote provided after that will reflect the type of equipment and manpower required to get the job done efficiently.

Professional office movers

The success of the move is just as dependent on you as the office removal company. Be mindful to listen to the advice our professionals give you. We could give you packing tips such as what cabinets or desks to empty out or leave as is. Whatever the case, a collaboration between the company and your office is required.


When it comes to packaging and moving furniture, you can help mark what items belong to which department. They will use different coloured labels for easy identification. Most of all, allow them to do their job- they have been specially trained in packaging, wrapping up computers and taping filing cabinets shut.

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Planning your relocation

Just as in a home removal, draw a floor plan of the new office. Indicate the new seating arrangements and where specific furniture go. It will help the office movers arrange the room quickly and accurately. The department supervisors will also be able to coordinate the workforce better. This way, won’t end up wasting time trying to figure out what goes where in the new office. Before the move, we take measurements of large furniture. That helps us know how to manoeuvre the new office space.

A tip that will help reduce your office removal costs is to declutter. Figure out what is essential for the new space and what can stay. You can then raise some extra cash by having an office sale. The other alternative is to donate items to charity, that way you are viable for a tax right-off.

Up and running in no time

Armed with this information, you can now make the move you desire. Our Office Removals Luton services are guaranteed to deliver your office items in a safe, secure and timely version to get you back up and running. For this reason, relocation will not bring you any losses especially if you’re an IT company.