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Storage Luton

Most people are not aware that their local removal firms offer storage space. There are reasons why you’d require storage space. One of the factors could be that you are moving to a smaller house and need somewhere to store the excess furniture. Something could come up, and you’re not able to move into your new home on time. You could also be shifting towns or countries and can’t take everything with you. These and many other factors dictate the need for hire our Storage Luton services. Our Dunstable based storage facility offers a safe and secure environment for your belongings.

Additional space for your items

With a safe storage unit, you are not pressured to make rushed decisions when organizing your home. If there are areas in your new home under renovation or not complete, the items that go into these spaces can be put into storage where they will not be likely to break. While your garage or an extra room seems to be the cheaper alternative, taking this route could mean a cluttered home and possible damage to some items.

Fully alarmed and CCTV installed

The good reason to consider removal firms as a storage choice for your personal belongings is the convenience of it. You only get to deal with one service provider. It is much easier than coordinating two companies to ensure that your personal belongings are safe. We will come and collect your items from your home to the storage unit, and deliver them to your new home when you’re ready. It removes the cost and hustle of renting transport to and from the storage unit. Depending on the number of items and their size, your belongings get stored in a large storage container. A forklift is then used by staff to store them away.

Cheaper than self-storage

Removal companies are cheaper than a typical self-storage facility. For such a place, the initial costs are often friendly but go up with time, making it harder to sustain the storage fee. A removal company will keep your items in a secure storage warehouse that relies on technology to keep your things safe.

storage Luton

With Over 10 Years Of Experience in providing safe storage

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Removal boxes and packing materials

When it comes to packaging, we only use high-grade removal boxes and packing materials will be used. They are much cheaper when bought from a removal company as compared to a self-store alternative. You are also confident that your belongings are packed, shipped and stored with utmost care and professionalism as opposed to doing it yourself.

Fully insured

The only downside to storage by a removal company is that you won’t be able to have frequent access to your things. It is therefore advisable not to use it to store items that you need regularly. Another advantage of using a removal company is that your goods are insured. You also pay for what you use- if you remove some items, and then what’s left is moved to a smaller container. With self-storage, you pay for the entire storage unit, regardless of how much space you use. Next time you relocate and need storage space, you don’t have to look far to have needs met. The Storage Luton service deal will work for you.

Immediate availability

Each container is 250 cu.ft. / 35 sq.ft


The following can be used as a rough guide to the number of containers you might need.


1 Bedroom House – 1 to 2 containers
2 Bedroom House – 2 to 3 containers
3 Bedroom House – 3 to 4 containers
4 Bedroom House – 4 to 5 containers

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